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Our Service for this division is very competitive cost-effective schedules available. We have both of import & export services, from Freight Forwarder
our worldwide network, all the agent that coverage the world, we operate
 through all major sea routes that you can ensure we deliver in
accordance with our promise. For the export, we also do “Notice arrival”
 to the consignee for every shipment and advise back to the shipper when
 all the cargoes release at destination. We offer regular services for
full container loads (FCL) and less container loads (LCL), specialist
for the rate’s effective, time schedule available from shipping line.
- Container FCL/LCL
- Freight Prepaid & Collect
- EX-Work / Factory Handling
- Break Bulk Co-ordination
- Hazadous Shipment Handling
- Door-to-Door Move Facility
- Prepare all the Documentation